Bisector of an angle

Observe the picture below:

m (AOC) = m (COB) = 20th

Verify that the straight splits the angle AÔB into two congruent angles (AÔC and COB). In this case, the semi-straight is called bisector from angle AÔB.

Like this:

Bisector One angle is the semi-straight one that originates at the vertex of that angle and divides it into two other congruent angles.

Using the compass to construct the angle bisector

Determination of angle bisector AÔB

We center the measure on O and with an opening we determine the points C and D on the straight respectively.

We center the bar on C and D and with an opening greater than half the distance from C to D we draw intersecting arcs on E.

Let's draw , thus determining the bisector of AÔB.

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