Statistics Exercises (continued)

6. Why is descriptive study performed in statistics?
7. In a barracks it was found that the average weight of 40 soldiers was 69 pounds. Subsequently, the balance was found to be unregulated, resulting in an indicated weight of 15 grams higher than the true weight. What was the true average weight of the soldiers?
8. When looking for a job, a particular citizen had to opt for two offers arranged in one classified. Which one represents the best option? Why?

Offer 1Offer 2
Average wage890,00950,00
Standard deviation32,0038,00

9. An average product weighs 10g with a standard deviation of 2g. It is packed in boxes with 50 units. Empty boxes are known to weigh 500g, with a standard deviation of 25g. Assuming a normal weight distribution and independence between the product and box weight variables, calculate the probability of a full box weighing more than 1050g.

Use the figure above to develop the question, where the first breakdown on the right represents the probability of the box weighing 1050g. Next: Basic Statistics for Market Research