Mathematical Dictionary - Letter L

WIDTH - Dimension perpendicular to length (horizontal plane) or height (vertical plane).

LATITUDE - Measured (in degrees) on a set of imaginary parallel lines drawn around the earth across the north and south poles. (see longitude)

LITER - Unit of capacity measurement (symbol: l).

LINE - A 1D geometric figure, ie one-dimensional.

TIMELINE - Putting events in chronological order along with the periods or dates of the occurrence of the facts.

LOGARITHM - Logarithm of N at base a (logThe N) is a number x such thatx = N. Base can be any number although the most used are base 10 (decimal logarithm) or base and (neperian logarithm). Rules: logB(x * y) = logB(x) + logB(y); logB(x / y) = logB(x) - logB(y); logB(x no) = n logB(x)

LONGITUDE - Measured (in degrees) in a series of imaginary lines (meridians) centered on the north pole or south pole (perpendicular to the earth axis) on the earth's surface.

LOSANGO - A parallelogram with four equal sides, two to two parallel, and the opposite angles obtained from the same diagonal are equal.

GEOMETRIC PLACE - A set of points that meet a condition. For example, the set of equidistant points of a given line will be two lines parallel to the first at this distance. Another example: the 4 cm equidistant points of a fixed point P is a circumference with center in P and radius 4.

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