Challenge 193

All without debt

Difficulty level:

A traveler arrives in a country town and enters a small hotel. At the reception, she delivers $ 100.00 and asks to see a room.

While the traveler inspects the rooms, the hotel manager runs off with the $ 100 bill and goes to the butcher's shop to pay his debt.

The butcher takes the bill and goes to a cattle farmer, who owes $ 100.00 and pays off the debt.

The breeder, in turn, also takes the note and runs to the vet to settle a debt of $ 100.00.

The veterinarian, who was staying at the hotel last week, went there, placed the note on the counter and advised the manager that he was paying his $ 100 debt for the previous week's lodging.

At this moment, the traveler returns from the rooms, says not what he expected, takes the note back, thanks and leaves the hotel.

Summary: No one spent or earned a dime, but now everyone is in debt! How is it possible?